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Vulcan Firelines

Made By And For Wildland Firefighters

Fireline-45, Fire UTV skid unit, fire Skid, Fire UTV Water sprayer Skid, Drip Torch holder, RX, prescibed fire, HDPE water tank, hose reel, Self priming Electric water pump, mounted fire Extinguisher, Wildland Firefighting UTV Skid Unit

Innovative Design, Built For The Fireline

Introducing the Fireline Series of suppression and support  platforms - In three different gallon sizes, 25, 45 and 65.

  • Our Fire UTV skid units are equipped with an electric self-priming on-demand water pump - the pump is always primed and ready without it running. 

  • With water flowing, the pump kicks on until it reaches 60 psi then shuts off. 

  • Clean control panel and water gauge makes the Fireline incredibly simple to operate.

  • A secondary 15 ft. hose for the operator adds capabilities.  ​The unit comes equipped with a 50 ft. hose reel, and easy access to the tank fill.

  • At 7 gpm our pump provides just the right water pressure to volume ratio, effective against ground flames yet long lasting, perfect for prescribed fire, portal and mop-up operations.

  • The pump is incredibly quiet and clean, almost no maintenance required. Unlike a gas engine pump, the Fireline is primed and ready the entire operational day.  

Transporting Equipment And Versatility

Fire crews carry a lot of weight and equipment on the line, so we created a storage system that incorporates the secure storage of tools and equipment firefighters carry every day all day. Often opportunities are lost when tools and supplies are not accessible, when needed in the fast-paced environment of a wildfire.

  • Ultra rugged equipment tie-down system. D-rings distributed though-out, rubber matting with ratchet straps allow any load to be transported securely over the roughest terrain. 

  • Ease of transportation of drip-torches and mixed fuel.

  • Bed rail mounting brackets (patent pending) becomes one with your UTV without the need to drill into the bed.​

  • 100% powder coated steel frame.

  • Light weight, designed to carry water, fire gear, mixed fuel and equipment, over extreme terrain with minimal impact to the vehicle’s center of gravity.

Fireline-45, Wildland Firefighting UTV Skid Unit, Fire UTV, fire Skid, Water sprayer Skid, Drip Torch holder, RX, prescibed fire, HDPE water tank, hose reel, Electric water pump, mounted fire Extinguisher,

Interested In Adding
The Vulcan Fireline To Your Arsenal?

Fire UTV Skid unit, Wildland Firefighting UTV slip-on
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