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About Vulcan Firelines

 Who We Are

Vulcan Firelines is a family-owned start-up, operating in Eastern Oregon.


With almost two decades of on the ground, wildland firefighting experience, we quit the day job to create a product that can have a real positive impact on the wildland fire personnel on the ground!

Firefighter carrying a driptorch

Our Mission

We research and develop equipment that is designed to lessen the workload of firefighters on the fire line.

We innovate fire management concepts and technologies, to build products that are safer and more efficient for the fire personnel on the ground.

At Vulcan Fireline, our solution is to learn from the mistakes of the past and present, to approach the problem from a different angle by asking some of the following questions: What are the hardships fire crews experience every day on the fireline? Can we reduce the incredibly heavy load they carry on a daily basis? 

Turns out, plenty!

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