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Fireline Series

The Fireline Series comes in varying sizes, with the Fireline-25, Fireline-45, and Fireline-65, representing gallon water tanks. All units come equipped with a standard, durable and lightweight hand crank ½” hose-reel, hardline hose at 50 ft. Standard ¾” garden nozzle, and a 7 gallon per minute electric water pump. The plumbing is designed to be a fail-proof water delivery system, simple and efficient, with water flow on-demand. The unit is powered from the vehicle's battery terminal, with an easy to install quick connect wire.

Fireline-45 slip-on with retractable hose reel


The Fireline-25 is the perfect scout, versatile and lightweight, maximizing storage capacity. It is the ideal equipment and supply transporter for the dozer-line. The Fireline-25 is designed to keep the UTV nimble, to avoid interference with the vehicle’s natural off-road capabilities. 

25 gallons is just the right amount to knock-out a hot-spot across the line before it gets established. The Fireline-25 is the pack-mule for navigating dozer-lines and remote parts of the western mountain wilderness. Ideal for Fireline Supervisors, Wildland Fire Modules and Hotshot Crews. (Stay tuned for the Burning Ops Mixed Fuel Kit coming this fall!)


The 45 gallon water tank comes equipped with a slow flow chamber system to reduce the effects of slowing water. At 100lbs lighter than most of the competition, the Fireline-45 is nimble and lightweight for its capabilities and the perfect workhorse of the western mountains fire lines.


The Fireline-45 is a versatile tool for all operational aspects of the fireline. The 45 is built to be a general purpose slip-on, comfortable on side slopes and able to navigate most dozer lines. The Fireline-45 is the wildland fire district slip-on standard in the West. 


The Fireline-65 is by far the lightest suppression platform in its class, but 65 gallons is bound to affect the operating characteristics of a UTV, as such reducing extreme off-road capabilities. This model was designed to be the prescribed fire workhorse of the Midwest and South-East regions with generally less topography than the West Mountains. The Fireline-65 unit is optimal for wet-lining operations.  

All Fireline Series Platforms come equipped standard with:

Fireline-45 Slip-on with Hand crank hose reel

Integrated electrical panel with on-off rocket switches

LED flashing lights for hazard awareness and visibility

50' hose reel with 1/2" ultra-durable water hose with 3/4" garden nozzle

15' hose for UTV protection and mobile usage

Water Level Gauge

Secure equipment tie-down ratchet system

On-demand self priming electric water pump with 7 gallons per minute at 60 psi

Bed rail mounting bracket joining the fireline to the UTV without the need for drilling

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