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Fireline RX Series is a product born out of the need to streamline and standardize remote fire line suppression activities. To reevaluate tools, methods and tactics on the prescribed burn and wildland fire containment lines. The Fireline RX Series carries a 25 gallon burn-mix fuel cell, and a 40 gallon water tank. It shoots both water and liquid fire, it’s the ultimate firefighting package. Burn fuel is comprised of diesel and gasoline, formulated specifically for burning operations, often used with hand-held drip torches during ‘boots on the ground’ burning operations. A retractable hose reel with applicator wand optimizes fire dispersion and mission effectiveness. Manual and wireless functionality creates a new safety standard, promoting efficient and effective burning operations.


What does it do exactly? First, a specialized hand held control wand with a lit wick at the end provides the operator with a stream of liquid fire, propelled 2 to 10 feet from the wand tip. Attached to the wand is a 35 foot retractable hose reel, providing the operator optimal mobility and independence. A wireless hands free power switch activates a mini fuel pump, giving the operator total control and flexibility during fire application. The liquid fire travels to the intended target requiring burn fuel to meet resource objectives. Ideal for greater consumption of brush, ladder fuels, and pile burns, providing better outcomes. 


This new method of controlled fire dispersion allows greater flexibility and tactical effectiveness. The Vulcan Fire Control Wand is perfectly designed to improve consumption of vegetation in unsafe terrain. Specifically, along ditches, roads ways, and water ways reducing exposure and risk for fire personal burning with drip torches. This is directly promoting a safer working environment for Firefighters on the line.  The Fireline RX is also a mixed fuel transfer tank, with a fast fuel pump to fill drip torches on the go. The lower platform is the same as the Fireline-65 water version, with the same unique equipment storage capabilities.  In addition, the 40 gallon water tank is supported by our standard Fireline water pumping system. The Fireline-65RX is the perfect package for wildfire burnouts and prescribed fire burning operations, delivering unparalleled capabilities on the line.     

Fireline-65 RX

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