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Fireline-25 Spec sheet

The Fireline-25 maximizes storage capacity, transporting water, gear and equipment securely with our unique tie-down ratchet system. Fireline-25 is the perfect scout, versatile and lightweight, maximizing storage capacity. It is the ideal equipment and supply transporter for the dozer-line. 25 gallons is just the right amount to knock-out a hot-spot across the line before it gets established. The Fireline-25 is designed to keep the UTV nimble, to avoid interference with the vehicle’s natural off-road capabilities.


Water on-demand with a self-priming electric water pump that supplies a 65 ft. retractable hose reel that swivels 180 degrees, providing incredibly fast

maneuvering. Just pull the trigger and 25 gallons of powerful water pressure is flowing every time, without fail, incredibly quiet and reliable. An ideal solution for getting water into hard-to-reach areas for agricultural/land management activities.




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